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Contraction of "cybernetic organism", via cyborg


Proper noun

  1. A fictional humanoid race in the Star Trek universe.



  1. A member of a fictional humanoid race in the Star Trek universe.
    usage note: Almost never employed in the plural within Star Trek novels and films. (In the Star Trek: Voyager episode, "Infinite Regress", Seven of Nine says "Borg? I hate Borgs" while playing kadis-kot with Naomi Wildman.)
  2. One who proselytises or assimilates.


* Swedish: borg


  1. to assimilate rivals, via corporate acquisition or religious proselytisation
  2. to turn into a cyborg, to implant machinery into people with the intent of controlling or assimilating them
    • 2000:"We already do it and they tell us they're going to Borg us with fucking stuff into our brains and we won't have to talk to each other." — "Charles Hayward", FREQ (online)
    • 2001:"Intel wants to Borg us!" — Rick C. Hodgin, GeekNews (online)

Usage notes

  • Use of other than the infinitive is rare. Lowercase spelling also occurs, less commonly.



  1. barrow (castrated boar)

Extensive Definition

Things called Borg or borg include:
People known by the family name Borg include:
Companies and products named Borg:
  • Borg Warner automotive supply company.
  • Borg — a synthetic cloth or fabric made by the Borg textile corporation of Georgia
Other uses of Borg:
  • Borg — A term used in the internet browsergame Travian. Borg is used as a label of a merciless and complete kamikaze effort to kill troops in an attack. Named after the 187 player "BORG", for repeated occurrences of this strategy, and is now given as a badge of honour to those that follow him.
  • Borg — "Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium" - Austrian name for state-run high schools focussed on technical education.
  • Lawrence Springborg - Australian politician also know as "The Borg".
  • Borg scale - in sports science, a measurement of perceived exertion
  • Borg — a common Maltese family name.

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